The Team

Thomas E. Markusic
Chief Executive Officer

Prior to co-founding Firefly, Tom served in a variety of technical and leadership roles in new-space companies: Vice President of Propulsion at Virgin Galactic, Senior Systems Engineer at Blue Origin, Director of the Texas Test Site and Principal Propulsion Engineer at SpaceX. Prior to his new-space work, Tom was a civil servant at NASA and the USAF, where he worked as research scientist and propulsion engineer. He holds a Ph.D. in Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering from Princeton University.


Michael A. Blum
Chief Financial Officer

Michael is an entrepreneur at heart. He is the Co-Founder & President of Hedgeye Risk Management, a leading online financial media company. Born in Hong Kong, he has spent many years in the region and is Managing Director of Asia Leisure Capital, a Macao based casino and hotel management and financing firm. Michael was formerly Senior Manager at PayPal, where he started PayPal Germany and later ran payments in South East Asia. Always passionate about space, Michael has been a frequent speaker on commercial access to space and space entrepreneurs. Among others, he has given lectures at Columbia Business School, the Yale School of Architecture and the Institute for Tourism Studies in Macao. He earned his Bachelor's Degree in Economics from Yale University.


P.J. King

PJ holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics from Trinity College Dublin, and a Master's Degree in Astronautics & Space Engineering from Cranfield University in the UK. PJ deferred his PhD in Astronautics at Stanford University to found software company, Clockworks International, which he grew to a multi-million dollar business by 1999, when he concluded a trade sale of the company.

In 2007, PJ completed a corporate turnaround and privatization of CNG Travel Group plc, a New York based, UK listed travel and technology company. PJ restructured that company and turned it from making a $23 million loss into an $8 million operating profit. PJ raised $45M in equity and debt finance and lead a Management Buy-Out of the company. Prior to co-founding Firefly Space Systems, PJ founded ReResearch LLC a materials research group dedicated to solving the world's toughest problems in the renewable energy sector.