Aviation Week reports "Firefly Targets Late Fall For Alpha Aerospike Rocket Tests"

Low-cost launcher start-up company Firefly Space Systems plans to conduct the first full-scale development test of its Alpha vehicle’s pressure-fed FRE-2 aerospike rocket engine in the fourth quarter of this year.

The 125,000-lb.-thrust engine will be the first aerospike rocket to fly and is pivotal to…

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SpaceNews Spotlights Firefly Space Systems in: "Firefly Aims To Build the ‘Model T of Rockets’"

SAN FRANCISCO — At least 25 companies have announced plans to build rockets to meet the growing demand for small-satellite launches, but Firefly Space Systems does not plan to blend into that pack.

“The driving theme of our company is to distinguish ourselves as soon as possible from the crowd that talks about doing this and to join an elite group of people that can……..

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FOX NEWS BUSINESS profiles Firefly

Maria Bartiromo interviews Firefly CEO Dr. Thomas Markusic on “Mornings with Maria” features anchor Maria Bartiromo alongside a roundtable of rotating industry titans and economic experts discussing the major news and themes driving the business day and the market moves.

Watch the interview at: http://video.foxbusiness.com/v/4565507000001/firefly-co-founder-firefly-is-the-uber-of-space/?playlist_id=1866680862001#sp=show-clips