Firefly is an innovator in high-performance, low-cost spaceflight technology. Itsproprietary COPV analysis methodology enables Firefly to produce the most affordable and reliable components in its class. Based on your requirements, Firefly can design and manufacture customized systems using in-house analysis and certification facilities:

Off-the-shelf COPV designs available in 106L, 60L, and 44L fluid volumes for up to 12,000psi burst pressure

Design-to-build and build-to-spec COPVs for a variety of working fluids at various storage conditions & pressures

Type V linerless pressure vessels that serve as rocket fuel and oxidizer tanks, accommodating RP-1 and cryogenic liquid Oxygen, and using Helium pressurant. Standard operating pressure of up to 150 PSI that can be modified to accommodate specific program needs

Type III aluminum lined pressure vessels that can be designed to hold various fuel, oxidizer, or working gas combinations

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