End-to-End Space Transportation

Firefly Aerospace is enabling our world to launch, land, and operate in space. Anytime. Anywhere.

Upcoming Missions

Firefly’s upcoming Alpha launches include missions for NASA, Lockheed Martin, the NRO, and more. We’re concurrently preparing for two missions to the Moon with our Blue Ghost lander and an on-orbit rideshare mission with our Elytra vehicle.

Launch Vehicles


Firefly is ramping up production of our small-lift vehicle Alpha and ready for launch. We’re also building and testing a new medium launch vehicle in collaboration with Northrop Grumman. Our vehicles are designed to be more reliable, responsive, and affordable launch options.

Lunar Landers

Firefly Blue Ghost logo

Flying annual missions to the Moon, our Blue Ghost spacecraft delivers and hosts payloads anywhere on the lunar surface and offers solutions for lunar night operations, sample return, and other services customized to the technology and exploration goals of each customer.

Orbital Vehicles

Firefly Elytra logo

As part of Firefly’s end-to-end space transportation services, Elytra offers robust on-orbit solutions when and where customers need them. Our line of highly mobile and scalable orbital vehicles provides on-orbit transfers, hosting, delivery, and servicing across cislunar space and beyond.

Firefly Elytra Dawn Rendering


Dream Big at Firefly

From rocket propulsion and test operations to spacecraft, we have open roles across the company. Each team member’s passion, dedication, and innovative ideas have a direct impact on fueling our successful trajectory into space.


Firefly Aerospace Onboarded as Launch Provider for the NRO with Alpha Rocket

Firefly Aerospace Selected to Support DARPA LunA-10 with Framework for On-Orbit Spacecraft Hubs

Firefly Aerospace Successfully Launches U.S. Space Force VICTUS NOX Responsive Space Mission with 24-Hour Notice

Firefly Aerospace Completes Blue Ghost Lunar Lander Structure Ahead of Moon Landing for NASA

Firefly Aerospace and Xtenti Collaborate to Conduct Responsive Space Demonstration in Support of the NRO

Liftoff of Firefly's Alpha FLTA004 Rocket - Credit: Firefly Aerospace / Trevor Mahlmann
Firefly Elytra Dark - Spacecraft Hubs - DARPA LunA-10
Firefly Alpha FLTA003 VICTUS NOX Launch
Firefly Blue Ghost Mission 1- Blue Ghost Structure Assembly
Rendering of Firefly Elytra Vehicle with Xtenti's FANTM-RiDE Payload Dispenser


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