Responsive Small Launch Services

Ready for Launch

Alpha provides affordable, responsive, and reliable launch services for commercial, civil, and national security missions. As the only orbital rocket ready to take customers to space in its small-lift launch class, Alpha combines the highest payload performance with the lowest cost per kilogram to orbit. Firefly supports flexible launch options with dedicated launch facilities at the Vandenberg Space Force Base and a new facility coming soon at the Cape Canaveral Space Force Station.



    1,030 KG

    LEO, 200 km

  • Payload SSO

    630 KG

    SSO, 500 km



    29.48 m

    96.7 ft


    5 m

    16.4 ft


    2.2 m

    7.2 ft



    LOX / RP–1




    Tap-off cycle

Stage 1

  • Engine

    4x Reaver


    801 kN

    180,072 lbf

  • ISP (VAC)

    295.6 sec

Stage 2


    1x Lightning


    70.1 kN

    15,759 lbf

  • ISP (VAC)

    322 sec

Repeatable Reliability for Your Mission

Manufactured entirely in the USA, Alpha utilizes our patented tap-off engine cycle, which reduces complexity with fewer parts and improves reliability compared to staged combustion or gas generator cycles. We also utilize advanced carbon composite technologies for Alpha’s entire airframe and cryogenic propellant tanks, enabling a strong, lightweight vehicle at value prices.

flight 1 take off

All Composites Structures

Lifting heavier payloads at a lower cost with high-strength, lightweight carbon fiber composites.

Patented Propulsion Technologies

Improving reliability with simple, high-performance tap-off engine cycle.

“Test What You Fly” Verification

Advancing mission assurance with robust acceptance testing for each critical flight component, engine, and vehicle stage.

Vertically Integrated Components

Scaling efficiencies and quality assurance with common components across all Firefly vehicle lines.

Responsive Launch & On-Orbit Services

As an end-to-end space transportation company, Firefly has a unique advantage to quickly launch, restore, and service satellites on-orbit in response to dynamic changes in space, ranging from national security threats to commercial satellite failures. Equipped to launch with just 24-hour notice, Alpha can be paired with our Elytra vehicle to support responsive on-orbit missions post-launch, such as relocation, space domain awareness, and de-orbiting services.

Rapid Vehicle Production & Testing

Supporting rapid mission schedules with in-house manufacturing and rapid, iterative testing capabilities.

Firefly Payload Processing Facility - Vandenberg, CA

Onsite Payload Processing

Dedicated facility equipped with a clean room at our launch site to fuel hypergolic spacecraft and integrate payloads.

On-Demand Launch

Ability to encapsulate, mate, and launch payloads within 24 hours of receiving notice and the orbit requirements.

Firefly Elytra Orbital Vehicle

On-Orbit Mobility & Operations

On-orbit hosting, deployments, transfers, and servicing when and where customers need it.

Launch on Alpha

Firefly is ramping up Alpha production and ready to launch your next mission. Alpha supports dedicated launches and rideshare missions for customers with flexible destination orbits and launch dates. Get in touch to learn more about our low-cost launch services.

Payload Users' Guide

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