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Lunar Delivery & Operations

Flying Annual Missions to the Moon

Firefly’s Blue Ghost lunar lander is flying annual missions to the Moon with payload services customized to the technology and exploration goals of each customer. Offering rideshare opportunities and dedicated missions, Blue Ghost can deliver and host payloads anywhere on the lunar surface. When paired with Firefly’s medium launch and orbital vehicles, Blue Ghost supports end-to-end cislunar services from Earth to the Moon and beyond.

Lander Dimensions

  • Height

    2 m

    6.6 ft

  • Diameter

    3.5 m

    11.5 ft

Payload Resources

  • Uplink / Downlink

    DTE or through relay

  • Power

    300 W

  • Mass to Surface

    150 kg

  • Mass to Orbit

    2,700 kg

    with transfer vehicle

  • Imagery

    360° of HD

Lander Payload Mounting

  • Above Deck

    3+ sqm

    Unobstructed horizon and sky views

  • Mid-Deck

    4+ sqm

    Shelf mounting options, ideal for rovers

  • Below Deck

    2+ sqm

    Unobstructed surface access

  • Interior


    Customized chassis-scale payload locations

Blue Ghost is a rare firefly species found in the southwest region of the United States known for their distinctive blue glow. 

End-to-End Cislunar Services

With launch, lunar, and orbital vehicles, Firefly provides end-to-end cislunar services in support of U.S. and international government agencies and the commercial lunar market. Once manifested, Firefly mission managers guide each payload through integration planning, verification, launch, and mission operations.

Firefly Medium Launch Vehicle rendering

Launch Services

Compatible with multiple launch providers, Blue Ghost can be launched aboard Firefly's medium launch vehicle to provide a seamless mission experience.

Lunar Delivery & Operations

Blue Ghost supplies data, power, and thermal resources for payload operations through transit to the Moon, in lunar orbit, and on the lunar surface.

Firefly Elytra Dark rendering

Lunar Orbit Services

Blue Ghost can be paired with our Elytra vehicle to support long-term orbital operations, such as hosting, space domain awareness, and interplanetary transport.

Firefly Blue Ghost in rover deployment configuration

Custom Cislunar Solutions

Blue Ghost can be customized to support larger, more complex missions, including lunar night operations, surface mobility, and sample return.

The Blue Ghost Difference

Firefly’s Blue Ghost lander is designed and built to be easily adapted to serve each customer’s unique cislunar needs. Our vertically integrated approach with shared components across our vehicles further enables scaled efficiencies, quality assurance, and lower costs that we pass on to our customers.

Robust Spacecraft Facilities

Firefly operates a 50,000 sq ft spacecraft facility with a mission control center and 2,500 sq ft ISO8 cleanroom to accommodate multiple landers.

In-House Manufacturing

Blue Ghost is designed, built, and tested in house to support rapid mission schedules with less dependency on the supply chain.

Blue Ghost testing

Vertically Integrated Components

Blue Ghost's core components are built using many of the same flight-proven technologies common to Firefly’s launch and orbital vehicles for robust quality assurance.

Blue Ghost structure

Extensive Qualification Testing

Firefly conducts extensive qualification testing on each Blue Ghost component and the full structure to ensure the lander withstands all launch, transit, and landing load cases.

Fly with us to the Moon

Firefly has three current task orders through the NASA Commercial Lunar Payload Services (CLPS) initiative, totaling more than $230M in awards for Blue Ghost missions to the Moon in 2024 and 2026. Get in touch to learn more about joining our next mission or booking a dedicated mission customized to your payloads needs.

Lunar Careers

We’re hiring talented, enthusiastic candidates to support our missions to the Moon.