Working Together to Achieve Our Mission

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Our Suppliers

At Firefly Aerospace, we work with suppliers who embrace our commitment to the highest standards of ethical business conduct, consistent with expectations for our own employees and leaders outlined in our Code of Business Conduct.  We count on our suppliers to help us fulfill Firefly’s mission to enable our world to launch, land, and operate in space. Anytime. Anywhere. This requires us to design, build, and launch safe, high-quality rockets and spacecraft, and deliver the best service to our customers. Our Code of Conduct for Suppliers and Other Trading Partners defines how we expect our suppliers to work with us to achieve our mission—ethically and in compliance with all applicable laws. We carefully evaluate our suppliers and approve them only after they have gone through a screening and qualification process. We thank our suppliers for their service as they continue to be an important part of our ongoing success.

Working with Firefly

Firefly is committed to providing reliable, responsive, and affordable space transportation services to meet our customer requirements. Our Quality Requirements outline the performance required of our suppliers and their delivered products or services to ensure a successful partnership. Our Terms and Conditions of Purchase further detail contractual and ethics obligations for our suppliers, including our required flowdown of certain government regulatory requirements.

Speak Up Helpline

Firefly also welcomes concerns from our suppliers, business partners, and other interested third parties. Our Speak Up Helpline allows individuals to report concerns 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through a third-party service available online and by phone. Individuals can choose to remain anonymous if preferred.

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