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Responsive Space Demonstration

Firefly Elytra Vehicle with Xtenti's FANTM-RiDE Dispenser

Mission Details

Mission Name:

Elytra Mission 1

Mission Type:

Responsive Space Demonstration




Alpha launch vehicle; Elytra orbital vehicle

Launch Date:


Launch Site:

Firefly SLC-2, Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA

Firefly Elytra DawnMission Summary

Launching aboard Firefly’s Alpha vehicle in 2024, this mission will demonstrate the responsive on-orbit capabilities of our Elytra vehicle. As the first of many missions utilizing multiple Firefly vehicles, the demonstration will lay the groundwork for Firefly’s end-to-end mission solutions, proving our capabilities to rapidly launch, maneuver, and deploy satellites at a time and place of our customers’ choosing.

In support of Xtenti’s follow-on study contract with the NRO, the mission will demonstrate a rapid payload reconfiguration utilizing Xtenti’s FANTM-RiDE payload dispenser prior to launching on Firefly’s Alpha vehicle. Upon launching on Alpha, Firefly’s Elytra vehicle will utilize the FANTM-RiDE dispenser to first deploy commercial rideshare payloads in Sun-Synchronous Orbit, and then perform an on-orbit maneuver and stand ready to deploy U.S. government payloads on-demand.

These important demonstrations will further advance our nation’s responsive space capabilities.

Payload Opportunities

With payload capacity still available, the mission offers opportunities for multiple payload deployments in Sun-Synchronous Orbit for 1-12U CubeSat form factors. Other CubeSat form factors can be accommodated on a case-by-case basis.

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