CEDAR PARK, Texas, Dec. 20, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Firefly Aerospace, Inc. (Firefly), a provider of economical and dependable launch vehicles, spacecraft and in-space services, announced today the execution of a Launch and Brokerage Services Agreement (LBSA) with Spaceflight, the leading provider of launch and mission management services. Through the LBSA, Spaceflight will offer dedicated rideshare launch opportunities on the Firefly Alpha launch vehicle and work with Firefly to manifest excess Alpha capacity.

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“Spaceflight has a proven expertise in payload aggregation and mission management,” said Firefly CEO Dr. Tom Markusic. “Its recent SSO-A dedicated rideshare mission set a new standard for complex small satellite aggregation and deployment. It was a significant step forward for the entire NewSpace industry.”

Curt Blake, Spaceflight CEO, added, “With the expanding small satellite market comes the need for more dedicated rideshare missions. The Firefly Alpha 630kg-to-SSO payload capacity is an ideal size for frequent and affordable rideshare opportunities, and we’re looking forward to adding this capacity to our offering to help more organizations get to space.”

Les Kovacs, Firefly Vice President of Business Development, added that, “It’s an exciting time for the space industry. The advanced capabilities offered by the next generation of small satellites will allow novel applications of space-based capabilities. Our partnership with Spaceflight will ensure that heritage aerospace companies and NewSpace entrepreneurs have access to the shared resource of low earth orbit and the launch capability required to successfully execute their business plans.”

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Spaceflight is revolutionizing the business of spaceflight by delivering a new model for accessing space. A comprehensive launch services and mission management provider, the company provides a straightforward and cost-effective suite of products and services including state-of-the-art satellite infrastructure and rideshare launch offerings that enable commercial and government entities to achieve their mission goals on time and on budget. A service offering of Spaceflight Industries in Seattle, Wash., Spaceflight provides its services through a global network of partners, ground stations and launch vehicle providers. For more information, visit https://www.spaceflight.com.


Firefly is developing a family of launch and in-space vehicles and services that provide industry-leading affordability, convenience, and reliability. Firefly’s launch vehicles utilize common technologies, manufacturing infrastructure and launch capabilities, providing LEO launch solutions for up to ten metric tons of payload at the lowest cost per kg in the small-launch class. Combined with Firefly’s in-space vehicles, such as the Space Utility Vehicle and Blue Ghost Lunar Lander, Firefly provides the space industry with a single source for missions from LEO to the surface of the Moon or beyond. Firefly is headquartered in Cedar Park, TX.

For more information please see: www.firefly.com

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