Continues to look toward landing on the Moon in 2024

April 26, 2022 – Firefly has completed the Integration Readiness Review (IRR) of Blue Ghost M1, showcasing our ability to drive program readiness under an aggressive schedule. During the review, held recently at our headquarters in Cedar Park, TX, the team marked key progress milestones across multiple areas, including: Structures, Fluids, Propulsion, Core Avionics, Battery Production, Harness Production, FlatSat progress, MGSE, EGSE, and Facilities readiness to support lander integration.

“Passing IRR indicates we have the necessary team, hardware, equipment, and documentation to support lander integration,”  said Ray Allensworth, Blue Ghost Program Manager, who led the review process, “This team continues to overcome obstacles and perform at the highest levels, helping us pave our path to landing on the Moon in 2024,” she continued.

The completion of IRR comes less than six months after completing the Critical Design Review (CDR). “The short turnaround between our CDR in October and IRR is a testament to the soundness of the baseline lander design, forward planning by program, and the creativity of our engineers in overcoming supply chain and other challenges as they arise,” said Will Coogan, Blue Ghost Chief Engineer.

Special thanks to NASA for participating, our teammates at ASI by Rocketlab, and all the Firefly employees who made IRR a success.

Our next milestone will be the Lander Test Readiness Review which verifies readiness for primary system functional testing. In the coming months, we will be showcasing the payloads and the people making all of this come together. Stay tuned.

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