Next Generation Medium Launch Vehicle

New Medium Launch Vehicle

Firefly Aerospace and Northrop Grumman are co-developing a new medium launch vehicle (MLV) that combines the best flight-proven technologies, systems, and mission experience from both companies to fill a void in the underserved medium-lift market. Carrying more than 16,000 kg to low Earth orbit, MLV serves commercial, civil, national security, and international launch markets with competitive pricing to customers’ preferred orbits. MLV will first launch from Virginia’s Mid-Atlantic Regional Spaceport (MARS) on Wallops Island and is designed to be compatible with additional launch ranges on the east and west coast.


  • Payload LEO

    16,300 kg

  • Payload GTO

    3,200 kg

  • Payload TLI

    2,300 kg


  • Overall Length

    55.7 m

    182.7 ft

  • Fairing Diameter

    5.4 m

    14.8 ft


  • Propellant

    LOX / RP–1




    Tap-off cycle

Firefly Medium Launch Vehicle

Stage 1


    7x Miranda


    7,161 kN

    1,610,000 lbf

  • ISP (VAC)

    305 sec

Stage 2


    1x Vira


    890 kN

    200,000 lbf

  • ISP (VAC)

    328 sec

Built on the Success of Antares and Alpha

MLV is an evolutionary successor to the Antares launch vehicle, offering a significant leap in power, performance, and payload capacity. The vehicle retains many flight-proven systems from the Antares program with additional upgrades, including a more powerful vacuum-based liquid second stage and an industry-standard 5 m-class fairing that’s customizable to support multiple customer requirements. MLV also utilizes technologies from Firefly’s flight-proven Alpha vehicle, including patented tap-off cycle propulsion technology and carbon composite sandwich structures to reduce mass and costs and improve strength and reliability.

Launch on MLV

Manufacturing and testing for our medium launch vehicle is well underway with the first flight on track for 2025. Get in touch to learn more about our MLV launch services.


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