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Responsive Space Demonstration

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U.S. Space Force



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Firefly SLC-2, Vandenberg Space Force Base, CA

Mission Summary

Firefly has been selected by the U.S. Space Force’s (USSF) Space Systems Command (SSC) to provide launch services for the VICTUS NOX mission. VICTUS NOX will demonstrate an end-to-end responsive space capability, including the launch segment, space segment, ground segment, and on-orbit operations. This important mission will demonstrate the United States’ ability to rapidly launch and place an asset on-orbit with just 24-hour notice. The goal of the program is to rapidly respond to on-orbit needs during a conflict or in response to a national security threat.


Firefly’s Alpha vehicle will deploy a Millennium Space Systems satellite. Upon receiving launch notice from the U.S. Space Force with the target orbit and launch trajectory, the goal is to have the satellite encapsulated, mated, launched, and placed into lower Earth orbit within 24 hours. Once on orbit, the satellite will conduct a space domain awareness mission.


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